We live in an advanced modern era where childbirth has been turned into a common medical procedure. Many of my women clients (pain patients) report after childbirth they have never felt the same.  The physical body cannot be separated  from the emotional, energetic, and spiritual composition!  It is time that we recognize this for ourselves and for those new moms that come after us.  It is time that we begin to treat the body and childbirth for the multi-dimensional process that it is!

Contemplating the emotions and hormones released throughout a mother’s body, heart, and soul is mind-blowing!  The cascading effects of possibly every emotion known during the timespan of a few hours is exhausting.  The emotions certainly don’t get processed in an organized manner and they can linger in the body by lodging into a weaker area, organ, scar, injured area, and can subconsciously give us a negative self-talk pattern that may carry into our future.  Emotions and energy get stuck in cells when they are traumatized, and the cell becomes sluggish and can’t freely move the energy. Overtime, these emotions continue to stack in our energetic fields and interfere literally with who we are.

I LOVE to use my Dolphin Neurostim to treat clients to release surgical scars and trauma and the Aroma Freedom Technique with my Young Living essential oils!  They are a dynamic duo and you can learn to use them both for self-health!!!

WHY the Dolphin Neurostim?  The small hand-held device uses microcurrent to rebalance the cellular tissue after injury!  It helps to loosen the tightness that develops due to the scarring and new tissue.  It also sends messages to the nervous system to relax reducing stress!

WHY Young Living oils & the Aroma Freedom Technique?  This allows us to release complex memories that can be stressful and holding negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that interfere with intentional living!

Hope for Healing,

Kelly Armstrong