What is Trauma?

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced trauma. The word trauma would certainly invoke different emotions and experiences from different people.  Some people have, in their life experienced natural disasters, wars, car wrecks, serious illnesses, and many more situations that are not common to everyday living. Trauma can be described as any experience [...]

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Using Microcurrent to Treat Scars

All Scars Need Treatment Did you even know… that all of the scars on your body need to be treated? But not with just any treatment.  It has to be electrical!  There are electrical parameters that have been proven in research to produce healing. The Dolphin Neurostim is a focused DC Microcurrent device that stimulates [...]

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How Scars Affect the Posture & Structure of the Body

The C Section or Abdominal scar is so powerful because it of its geographic & core location on the body.  It is directly in the middle dividing the body into a top and bottom half.  It can cause negative affects in either an ascending or descending pathway.  If the scar is transverse it also has [...]

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Why Are C-Section Scars So Powerful?

A C-section is powerful because of geographical location on the body. The essence of life resides here. Adhesions can cause pain, distortions, skeletal misalignment & organ dysfunction. The fear reflex is also stored in the flexor muscle of the body located in this region. As a therapist, I have specialized in Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) [...]

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The Basic Anatomy of a C-Section Scar

Most of us who have been pregnant have watched "A Baby Story" on TLC at least a few times in the anticipation of imagining how we will get through the birth process. When you watch a c-section, and you see the way they pull and tug on the body after it is cut open, it [...]

The Basic Anatomy of a C-Section Scar2019-03-11T16:45:46-04:00
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