I have discovered that many women are less focused on the pain from the surgery than they are on the effects of having a c-section scar, both the physical effects on their body and the emotional stigma of a c-section scar. Your c-section scar … it’s a serious matter!

Whose Scar? A Mother’s Of Course!

C-section ScarIf you think about it, that little scar is a pretty big deal. It could have been by choice or not. It could signify life or death. It could represent a difficult time of physical healing. But one thing for sure is it’s a mark left on our bodies that we should embrace as a badge of honor, in selfless love, and unrelenting acceptance for the chance to call ourselves a Mother.

What is a Scar?

A scar is what is formed during the body’s healing process after an injury or surgery. The body demonstrates a profound knowledge of healing. The wound repair is a biological process in which the body lays down new layers of collagen to repair the wound.

There are common traits that accompany a scar. The scar tissue becomes hard and non-pliable compared to the normal tissue surrounding it. Cross fibers are laid during the healing process to close and strengthen the injured area. The skin around or under the repair site tightens or shortens due to this fascial strengthening.

When A Scar Heals

When a scar physically heals it may be bumpy, ropey, tight, painful, itchy, numb or tingly. I think what we consistently hate most, though, is the little pucker of belly skin above the scar that just won’t go away regardless what kind of exercise you do!

Sometimes a scar site or the memory of the surgery can be so painful that we don’t want to look at it, touch it, or even acknowledge that it’s there. We disengage with this scar on our body, as it’s not pleasant or has changed our physical appearance. The outward scar can be a symbol of a heart and soul full of emotional pain left unresolved.

We can cover up the outside of ourselves to make others see perfection. Let me tell you, I was born and raised a Southern Belle and, trust me, I know how to get all dolled up with makeup, jewelry, and my cow girl boots! But it’s the beauty on the inside that counts. This begins with our own acceptance of who we are and the purpose that has been given to us in life.

emotional scar of c-sectionTo me, true healing comes when we can look at ourselves and accept the scars as part of our beauty and the uniqueness that they add to us.

Okay, ladies, really … I had to ponder this as I was writing because, yes, I do believe that, but it’s not easy for me to look in the mirror and say “wow that belly pooch looks really awesome.” I often consider the deeper level and who I am today because of that scar. I think of my oldest daughter, who is so amazing to me, and what a gift and blessing she is to me. I think of what I have learned from her in my life and the scar seems to become a mark of beauty with a sense of appreciation.

Look in the mirror. Your scar has a story!

Listen to it, accept its mark, and let your beauty shine!

I am not done talking about scars. I am actually just getting started. In my upcoming blogs, I will tell you how scars actually lock the body structure up and can be a cause of chronic pain and dysfunction in the body.