Types of Scars

What do you know about scars? I think you will agree with me that basically scars tell some of the stories that make up our lives. Each scar has a reason and has left its mark on our body & our heart!

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The Ultimate Scar Treatment

For the CHANGE of PAIN & APPEARANCE The Dolphin Neurostim has proven effective in treating a wide range of scars by helping to relieve pain and loosen or break up scar tissue. Scars have been shown to disrupt the proper flow of electrical energy throughout the body, thereby causing a variety of health problems, including [...]

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Why Are C-Section Scars So Powerful?

A C-section is powerful because of geographical location on the body. The essence of life resides here. Adhesions can cause pain, distortions, skeletal misalignment & organ dysfunction. The fear reflex is also stored in the flexor muscle of the body located in this region. As a therapist, I have specialized in Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) [...]

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The Basic Anatomy of a C-Section Scar

Most of us who have been pregnant have watched "A Baby Story" on TLC at least a few times in the anticipation of imagining how we will get through the birth process. When you watch a c-section, and you see the way they pull and tug on the body after it is cut open, it [...]

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The Hidden Dangers of Scars and Adhesions

Functionally, scars are relatively harmless. Aesthetically, they may be practically invisible. They may cause pain and itching. But are there hidden dangers lurking behind those scars? What is a Scar? Scars are a result of the body's remarkable innate potential and power to heal itself. A mark or disfigurement is left after an injury to [...]

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The Physical and Emotional Mark of a C-Section Scar

I have discovered that many women are less focused on the pain from the surgery than they are on the effects of having a c-section scar, both the physical effects on their body and the emotional stigma of a c-section scar. Your c-section scar … it’s a serious matter! Whose Scar? A Mother's Of Course! If [...]

The Physical and Emotional Mark of a C-Section Scar2019-03-11T16:45:46-04:00
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