I want you to pour yourself a glass of sweet tea or lemonade, get cozy, and let’s talk about some life stuff that matters – women’s health matters!

women's healthLadies, why don’t we talk about our health, emotions, and bodies and the problems that we go through? We are all affected by pain and dysfunction at some time in our lives. Lots of the pain reported by women are in the areas of the lower back, upper back, stomach, pelvis, neck, shoulder, sciatic, hips and knees. Many of you are suffering right now, or you have a mother, daughter, or friend who is. Certainly, if you wear the “Super Mom” hat you don’t have time for pain or dysfunction that interferes with your life.

Let’s get real here because there are many other issues besides pain that face women’s health, such as fertility issues, loss of energy, lack of libido, temperature regulation, depression, hormones, emotional problems, and stress. Seems like after childbirth, or even a major abdominal surgery, our bodies don’t quite go back to normal!

I have gained knowledge from my experience of treating hundreds of patients and through my integrative studies, that scars have a tremendous impact on the pain cycle and dysfunction of the body. I also understand that women go through many seasons of life, and I understand some of the complications, physically and emotionally, that come with this honor.

Please keep stopping by – I have lots on my heart and my mind that I want to share with you, including ways that you can be empowered to care for yourself, your family, and your friends using holistic and natural methods.

It’s all about women’s health … It’s all about your health!

Southern Belle, Super Mom, a.k.a. “Queen of Scars”