MPS-SRT has taken the lead in this field of therapy.  During the healing phase of a scar, the tissue formed becomes electrically differentiated from the surrounding tissue.  The forming tissue does not receive good blood supply, it becomes increasingly rigid and inflexible, the electro-cellular properties reverse, and this creates an electro –cellular instability in the cells.  This creates a reversal of the normal bio-electrical state of the body.  The newly “released” scar is palpably much softer, more pliable, with visibly improved blood circulation and has a “new diminished appearance.”

Literally, the tissue changes under your fingers as you treat the scar and the appearance before your eyes!

MPS-SRT Has The Ability To :arm scar

• Visibly soften the scar tissue
• Reduce the appearance of the scar
• Stimulate lymph drainage
• Release tight muscles/spasm associated with the scar
• Promote skeletal symmetry by releasing the fascia
• Reduce patients overall pain level in body by 60-80% in 1 session ( pain even unrelated to the actual scar!)

Treating scars with MPS-SRT: The Dolphin Method can positively impact many areas of health, including the cosmetic appearance of a scar.

There is hope for the suffering patient!  MPS-SRT is the FIRST real treatment for changes in scar tissue & appearance.  It is safe, effective, and changes can occur with the first application.  For more information on this treatment, go to

Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, MPP-MPS