Interested in Hosting a 2 Day Scar Release Seminar or an Event?

Who Can Attend?

The Dolphin is now OTC so now anyone can attend and learn the SRT-YL Method for use on themselves, their friends, and their family!

How Many People are Needed?

You only need to find a minimum 20 participants! (max = 35)

Where Can It Be Located?

Any hotel meeting room (1000 square ft+), or clinic with parking will do.

What Days Work?

Weekends or week days are both good. An average 2-3 month lead time is required!

What Will You Learn?

How to integrate Acupuncture philosophies and points with microcurrent and essential oils for incredible pain relief and powerful healing

What Is The Cost?

Scar Release Seminar

  • Cost for attendees

Dolphin Neurostim

$69900per pair
  • Cost for a single pair of Dolphin Neurostim units

Special Package Pricing

  • Cost of course PLUS 2 Dolphin Neurostim units — save $99!

Seminar organizers receive a percentage of gross proceeds for a finding a suitable location and recruiting participants. Email for details.

To book your date: 1-800-567-7246 (PAIN)