The Dolphin Neurostim has proven effective in treating a wide range of scars by helping to relieve pain and loosen or break up scar tissue. Scars have been shown to disrupt the proper flow of electrical energy throughout the body, thereby causing a variety of health problems, including chronic pain.i The Dolphin Neurostim treats the scar tissue and targets vital points on the body that have a therapeutic role that helps to restore the natural flow of energy.  This simple, quick, non-invasive treatment offers a simple and natural yet highly effective method of relieving pain and treating both internal and external scars.

The Dolphin Neurostim Can Treat Any Scar

Scars are the result of the body repairing wounds and are made up of collagen, just like the tissue it is repairing. However, the composition is somewhat different with the collagen fibers being stiff and aligned in a single direction, compared to those in healthy tissue, which are arranged in a basket-weave fashion.ii

One of the secrets to healthy skin is maintaining a good level of healthy collagen, which deteriorates with age and environmental factors. Collagen also deteriorates if there is poor blood circulation in the area. And the less collagen you produce and the weaker your existing collagen fibers are, the slower your skin will regenerate.

When the Dolphin Neurostim passes current through the scar, the microcurrent improves circulation to the area. This not only helps the lymphatic system clear the area of dead cells, dump toxins, but it also encourages blood flow. Increased blood flow means your collagen is getting more nutrients and oxygen, which keeps it healthy.

Healthy collagen means your skin will regenerate faster which will help minimize the appearance of scars, re-establish or balance out bio electrical or cellular dysfunctions, and also decrease pain in the area!   And if your scar is traversing a meridian or an acupuncture point, the improved health of the tissue will help re-establish a healthy flow of energy, thereby reducing pain in other areas of your body as well.

Discover How Dolphin Neurostim Helps Treat Adhesions

Scarring that is the result of surgery can often cause chronic pain and dysfunction due to the adhesions that form internally. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue located inside your body that could cause organs or tissues to stick together and are most often the result of abdominal or pelvic surgery.

For example, if you’ve had a C-section, you likely have adhesions. If you are experiencing chronic pain, these internal bands of scar tissue are probably to blame. These adhesions can also cause infertility, intestinal obstruction and more.iii

The Dolphin Neurostim is highly effective in treating such scars. The device is applied to either side of the visible scar and then transfers a gentle DC micro-current deep into the skin. This micro-current helps to release the bands of scar tissue, improve cellular function, improve energy & circulation, releasing bound up emotions and all of these work together to decrease the overall pain in the body!

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