A C-section is powerful because of geographical location on the body. The essence of life resides here. Adhesions can cause pain, distortions, skeletal misalignment & organ dysfunction. The fear reflex is also stored in the flexor muscle of the body located in this region.
As a therapist, I have specialized in Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy. It is an integrative approach to the body that combines Eastern and Western philosophies. It is the most effective technique I have ever seen for treating pain.

This approach is what I use when I treat patients & family, I am also an instructor and teach this to medical professionals.

I began getting feedback from patients and students that I was performing the Scar Release Therapy on that shocked me. If a woman had an abdominal scar and was in chronic pain, it appeared that the scar release provided most of the pain relief. While the decrease in pain was unbelievably impressive, feedback of another sort also came in related to dysfunctions and problems they had dealt with for years. These dysfunctions were also changing immediately after the scar release.

This led to the data collection, so that I could actually take a measurement of pain changes.  This data collection was to examine the pain decrease anywhere in the body, after a single SRT.

You are probably asking yourself this question,  “Why in the world would treating a scar, especially in abdominal scar make a difference in pain relief?”



The reason I choose the c-section as the Scar of choice to focus on:

The reason I choose to focus on C-sections is because this is what my first hand experience was showing me!  Huge changes were taking place in the women, who’s c-sections were treated with MPS-SRT!  Life changing experiences right at my own finger tips and right before my eyes.

I have countless accounts of stories of women which I have treated and had the honor of sharing in their life as part of their healing journey.

I came across this discovery because c-section scars are so numerous.  It is the most common surgery in the United States.  There are a reported 1.4 million c-section surgeries annually.  The current rate is over 33% and that is twice the recommended rate suggested by the World Health Organization.

If you are a therapist, you will be shocked at how many of your women patients in chronic pain have c-sections!  I began treating my own patients c-section scars, this is NOT something I was taught in school, and the results I was getting was phenomenal!

In many patients, this seems to be the KEY to unlock the body for healing.

 Why is the c-section scar so powerful:

The reason I believe that it makes such a significant impact on the body is that the c-section scar is on the “Core” of the body.   The scar is usually transverse and often large. The implications from this are vast.  This transverse scar disconnects the energy from the top & bottom of the body by the blockage that causes an imbalance in circulation.

From my therapeutic experiences I have seen first hand that abdominal scars wreak havoc on the body because it is the geographic & reproductive core/center of the body, and the Fear Reflex is housed in a muscle that is deep within the region.  The adhesions under the scar are the culprit for postural & structural changes in the body and organ dysfunction.  This core of the body is actually where our life essence is housed.  Our umbilicus actually gave us our life and opposite to that is the innervations of the the kidneys, which is our life essence.

This location on the body is central to life & health & function!