All Scars Need Treatment

scar-horizontalDid you even know… that all of the scars on your body need to be treated? But not with just any treatment.  It has to be electrical!  There are electrical parameters that have been proven in research to produce healing.

The Dolphin Neurostim is a focused DC Microcurrent device that stimulates tissue healing.  There are 3 critical factors to healing: ATP production, Protein Synthesis, and Cellular membrane transport.  The electrical parameters of microcurrent produce these healing agents!  When scar tissue is treated it restarts proper cellular functioning!  The properties of  essential oils can then move in and out of the cells freely for enhanced function.

It is a simple, non-invasive, and quick treatment that is applied to the scar, surrounding tissue, and to acupuncture points! 

I use the Dolphin Neurostim  on my patients, my family, and myself for everyday living.

Keep reading my blogs, and I will explain the problems with scars and WHY they all need treating.
a.k.a. Queen of Scars