The C Section or Abdominal scar is so powerful because it of its geographic & core location on the body.  It is directly in the middle dividing the body into a top and bottom half.  It can cause negative affects in either an ascending or descending pathway.  If the scar is transverse it also has more implications to the body.

The adhesions are those fibrous bands that are formed under the scar and they connect to surrounding tissues, fascia, muscles, and nerves that they are not suppose to be connected too.  When this happens it can cause physical or postural distortions in the body, therefore, producing pain.


You can visually see in the slide how the structure of the body is being pulled and changed.  The anterior pelvic tilt produces a tight low back.  It pulls the body forward causing the chin/head to move forward.  This forward head posture causes another issue, as it puts another 10-13 lbs on the L2 vertebrae accelerating a more dysfunction and weakness here.

symetryThe adhesions, as they attach to bones and muscle, under an abdominal scar has the ability to cause a pelvic tilt.  When this happens it distorts the sacrum.  The sacrum in Latin is called the “sacred bone.”  This bone is so important because it is the base of the spine and it must be sitting properly for the spine to stack properly.  It the spine does not stack properly, it then continues to cause distortions and pain throughout the entire body.  Hippocrates said, “Fix the spine and the body will follow.”

A spiralling affect actually takes place in the body.  These postural changes due to the adhesions & fascia systems cause pain.  When the fascia is pulled it acts like a straight jacket compressing the muscles and nerves causing pain.  When the adhesions connect to  structures it misaligns bones or joints causing the postural changes and pain.

A long list of chronic pain problems are helped when these scars are treated properly.  The sciaticachange in pain is immediate and lasting.  The scar release will loosen the fascial system so then, any other therapeutic work will be much more effective and lastly.  As you saw in our data forms, the scar release alone leads to a significant reduction in pain.

These scars must be properly released or the body cannot function correctly.  Clinically speaking, I have seen time and time again, when I release the scars on my patient’s body first, the rest of the therapy is then productive and the outcomes are better!!

The key to decreasing pain in the body appears to be treating all the scars on the body!

MPS Instructor, MMP-MPS
a.k.a.  “Queen of Scars”